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Democrat for DuPage
County Board-3

March 20, 2018 Primary;  November 6, 2018 General Election

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Serving The Community

Julie Renehan is a wife, mother of three, an attorney, dedicated advocate and a longtime Democrat.  She began her law practice in DuPage County courts and has tirelessly worked to make her community a better place--from PTO to Veterans Benefits appeals, from Public Affairs advocate to Jr. Womens' club legislative chair to voting registrar and election judge.   Julie proudly serves as a Board member and pro bono attorney with the Pro Bono Network, an organization that provides free legal aid to low income individuals who would not otherwise be served. She is ready to take public service to next level, serving DuPage County residents with a fresh voice.

United By A Common Goal

It is often said that "When we all do better, we all do better" and that's a reason why Julie wants to represent you.  As a DuPage taxpayer for 17 years, Julie is committed to integrity in decision making and in spending of hardearned citizen tax dollars.  She will focus on controlling county spending through vetting contracts thoroughly and working to find creative solutions to fund infrastructure and social services for DuPage residents in need including our seniors, veterans and mentally ill.

Get Involved

Join Julie so she can bring fresh ideas and responsible leadership to the DuPage County Board.  

Canvassing, word-of-mouth, posting a yard sign or on social media and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together. 



About Julie

Julie with her husband Dan, Caroline (17), Sarah (22) & Will (21)

Dan & Julie met in college at Vanderbilt University and married 24 years ago at St. Isaac Jogues church in Hinsdale.

For over 17 years they have made their home in Hinsdale, not far from where Dan grew up with his parents and four siblings.  

Sarah, Will and Caroline have all attended public school in Districts 181 and 86 in Hinsdale and Clarendon Hills.

Dan is President of a Willowbrook company which distributes auto parts.


*Law practice with concentration in Contract and Employment matters

*DuPage County Bar Association member

*Pro Bono Attorney with Pro Bono Network: Divorce, Incarcerated Womens' Project, DACA, ILAO

*Certified Professional in Human Resources (SHRM)


Washington University in St. Louis Law School, J.D.; 

U.S. Senate congressional internship, Law Journal

Vanderbilt University, B.A. English & French

Community Involvement

*Pro Bono Network Board Member

*Junior League of Kane and DuPage Counties, former Board member, Parliamentarian, State Public Affairs Chair

*Hinsdale Jr. Womens' Club legislative and international chair

*Hinsdale Village Caucus Selection Committee

*PTO committee chair & proud room mom

*Election Judge, Voting Registrar, Precinct Committeeman

*ABA Veteran Claims Assistance Network

*Pi Beta Phi Fraternity Alum

Contribute Today

Your donation is an opportunity to be part of something bigger. Isn't it time we had representation on the DuPage County Board that appreciates the changing voices in our County? Julie Renehan thinks it is!

Contributions also accepted at

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DuPage County-- District 3 Issues

Our District

District 3 includes all or parts of Bolingbrook, Burr Ridge, Clarendon Hills, Darien, Downers Grove, Hinsdale, Lemont, Naperville, Westmont, Willowbrook and Woodridge. Each County District is represented by three Board members.

Of 19 elected County Board positions, only one seat is occupied by a Democrat-Thank you Liz Chaplin-D2.

Property Tax

DuPage County has some of the highest property taxes in the country.  These taxes impact our district as residents, even those who have lived in their homes for many years, struggle to keep up with increasing assessments.  Would be citizens choose to move to other communities to avoid our tax rate, negatively impacting DuPage businesses.  I will work to improve the health of county finances, grow DuPage business opportunities and fight to spare our residents further increase.

Community Services

DuPage County, like other counties and communities across the country, faces difficulties funding services that support the health and welfare of our citizens.  I prioritize structuring an efficient government that supports services that strengthen our human capital.  Cutting the fat in existing budgets and bringing creative initiatives to strengthen our sales tax revenue will be an important part of funding resident services. I will fight for an improved quality of life for all of us.

Blue Waves on DuPage Shores, March13, 2018

The March 20th Primary is only a week away.  It is an exciting time for a candidate, let me tell you!  I have met so many energized and activated voters and so many committed and passionate candidates and organizers!  Thank you! All of this in DuPage County. Never before have I been to large Democratic gatherings in homes or seen so many neighbors with Democratic candidate signs in yards!  It really is a testament to community organizing and the grassroots efforts of people to get some Dems elected this cycle.  High Fives all around.

How can it be that Hillary Clinton won the majority of votes in DuPage County in 2016 but Democrats on the DuPage County Board only account for 6% of the seats?  To be exact, 1 out of 18 elected positions are held by a Democrat.  Politics need to start locally and that means taking our energy and registering it at the polls. Every single vote counts and we need them all to make change locally. I am committed to representing the great people of DuPage County. I am committed to holding the County accountable for maximizing our hard-earned tax dollars.  I am committed to serving as a Democrat...for ALL of us.

Grab a friend, or 10, and make an appointment with them to get to the polls next Tuesday, March 20th!  We are laying down bricks!

Now Let's Get Out the Vote! February 23, 2018

DuPage County has changed quite a bit from when I first moved to Lisle in 1993.  We need only to look to the 2016 election results in our county to see that Democrats are here and they are voting and they appear ready to make a move on what has been a staunchly Republican enclave.  It is time for representation that listens to these residents and brings forth initiatives that share their values.  As a Democrat, I will bring a progressive view to the Republican board.  I look forward to working with them on a common sense budget that reduces waste by streamlining productivity, eliminating duplicative services and bringing cost/benefits analysis to our contract process that has weighed down DuPage government for so long. 

Government needs checks and balances but when 17/18 of your County Board members line up on the same side of the scale, that just doesn't exist.  Please vote the whole ballot and get your friends to vote -early voting as started.  The Democrats are ready to lead like never before in DuPage County- come be a part of it!

Narcan not reversing the epidemic, February 14, 2018

In 2014, DuPage County was a leader with its early adoption of a Narcan (the drug that can reverse opioid overdose) program.  Since then, Lake, Kane and Will counties have followed suit and that is good news; however, the epidemic is growing and more work at the County level will save lives.  The DuPage County Health Department reports 174 successful uses of Narcan in 2017, with 33 unsuccessful uses. According to the DuPage Health Department, DuPage has seen a 187.9% increase in opioid deaths from 2014-2017, yet the 2018 budget shows a modest $100,000 budgeted toward the crisis.  

If we cull County budgetary waste vis-a-vis instituting objective cost-benefits analysis on contract awards and downsize other wasteful expense, we can afford to provide real tools to those affected by addiction - not just a life preserver.  And it's not just the addicted person we can impact- it is their families that need support as well.  Money toward better social services for opioid addiction rights the ship for whole families.  I am willing to find the budget savings to save lives and get DuPage to lead on this issue again.

#ThankaVeteran means better mental health services, February 4, 2018

Veteran suicides from those returned from the Middle East are at an all time high and according to a recent study, Veterans are not accessing the mental health care to which they are entitled. The U.S. cannot disappoint those who have sacrificed for our country when they come home and are in need.  DuPage County sponsors the Veterans Assistance Commission which employs 3 employees and has a modest budget.  I support increasing services as this is often a last resort for our neighborhood servicemen and women. If we cut the fat in County expenditures, we can better use County resources to benefit community needs. #thankaveteran

Women Marching for Representation...Still, January 21, 2018

I proudly marched in the Women's March this weekend in Chicago.  This year the March was dubbed "March to the Polls" and it will certainly be a pivotal year for women to get out the vote for the March 20th primary election and beyond.

Women are most often the first responders in our homes and communities--the ones that know, feel and get involved in local issues whether it be family, school, medical, business or voluntarism and it is vital for women to participate in setting the agenda in local government as well.  

Fact-of 19 elected positions on the DuPage County Board, only 4 are held by women.  Women supporting women in the coming elections will make a difference....Join me in heading to the polls in supporting women running for office.

DuPage Winter Recreation Opportunities Impressive, January 6, 2018

DuPage parks and forest preserves really contribute to the quality of life here during our cold months-from winter walks, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice fishing and sledding- people can have fun all year round outdoors. Kudos to the Village of Hinsdale for getting their ice rink up and running! The warming house has a couple of fireplaces and provides free hot chocolate on weekends.

Priorities Out of Order, January 1, 2018

The DuPage County Sheriff's Office will lose 16 full time Sheriff's Deputies (whose service supports over 900,00 DuPage residents) under County Board vote. With an opioid crisis that saw a 53% increase in heroin-related deaths from 2015-2016, this is not the right decision. That makes 16 fewer Deputies carrying Narcan to reverse drug overdose. We must find budget cuts in places that don't compromise health and safety. Let's cut the fat first....

Coming Events

March 7, Julie's first official fundraiser, Ballydoyle Pub & Restaurant, 5157 Main St., Downers Grove!  Tickets at

February 27, Postcard writing campaign and candidate Meet and Greet, Hinsdale Library 5-8p.m..

February 25, Indivisible DuPage meeting and candidate forum, Wheaton.  Join Julie and other candidates discussing campaigns.

February 10, Indivisible Hinsdale Progressive, Progressive.  Come meet local candidates including Julie, Jim Caffrey for state rep, Mehr Qayyum for DuPage Board and Daniel Biss for Governor.  Email for details.

Contact our team at for help with obtaining a sign or campaign materials or hosting an event!  We'd love to have you with us! #bettertogether

March 20, 2018 Primary Election.